Thursday, November 15, 2012

Prototype 1 - Portal Through Time

The initial version of the first level of Portal Through Time is complete. The first level is very simple, as intended. The idea is to increase the difficulty on the following levels.

 The concept of the first level is simply to avoid the Tiki Guardian, grab the torch idol, and then reach the portal at the top left corner (which is animated in an attempt to make it obvious that reaching it is the goal. One thing I'm considering changing is how going too high kills the player. It seems to be one of the "stupid AI" items that Richard Rouse mentions. I also want to add some text in case a player tries to reach the portal without first grabbing the torch, as it will not let them through. This will be done before revision two.

Finally, I need to finish the graphics for the hero. As I am not very graphically gifted, I spent countless hours trying to get it done. In the end, though, for this prototype, I ended up using images from one of the Construct 2 tutorials for time reasons. I need to get the real character in soon, though.

The first version is located here -

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